Friday, August 7, 2009

Priorities…Obsession…or Something Else?

I made the joke on Monday night that I was not too worried as I watched an elderly gentleman obviously with a burrito craving slowly almost back his large Lincoln Towncar into my ol’ Volvo in the Q-Doba parking lot. I believe the exact comment was:

“Well, it is paid for and fully insured, so honestly the best thing that could happen to that car-- is that it be wrecked…otherwise I plan to drive this thing until it is bolts…”
I am reminded once again of the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

THE VERY NEXT MORNING my car became a pile of bolts, actually rusted, stripped bolts, mud and sewage. I always figured the Volvo would die like most German engineered
machines,slowly and gracefully, maybe on the side of a wildflower bed on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. I figured the odometer would read 400,000+ miles and that there were a couple more years of stories, camping trips, and bike rides left. Instead….my Volvo drowned in my own work parking lot, surrounded by many other coworkers cars. I stood there unable to move or mobilize an auto rescue AS one of the WORST flash floods in history filled the streets around me with over six feet of brown water. The back seat contained my bike helmet, (2) pairs of cycling gloves, and my bike shoes. My friends were not that surprised that when they called to ask if I needed anything, a ride home, to borrow a car or food--I responded, “Can you give me a ride to the bike shop?”

My first thought when I realized that my car was truly ruined was….”how am I going to transport my bike? How am I going to train for the Old Kentucky Home Tour? I cannot do loops in the park” By the end of the day, I had borrowed my dads car, which can hold ONE bike in the trunk, replaced my sewage soaked helmet and ordered (1) new pair of cycling shoes. As far as I am concerned, all the basic necessities are covered. OH WAIT! I have to junk my car….well that was officially done by Wednesday morning.

So all the priorities are taken care of…except for the new car. I am trying to be patient and not rush out too quickly and purchase something I will not be able to drive forever. Of course, if my bike were flooded, I would be on the phone today, purchasing a new one. Maybe I have a problem…

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