Monday, August 29, 2011

And....we're clear.

Last week was nothing short of a huge roller coaster ride. My emotions were up, then down as I waited for Thursday morning and my first ever mammogram. Thankfully, I am in the clear, for now. One not-so-uncomfortable mammogram and ultra sound later...the conclusion is fibroid cysts. Doctors have no explanation for them but he is certain they are benign. These are the words I needed to hear. Of course, I am required to monitor my cysts for any changes but overall, I walked out feeling much better than when I had awaken that morning.

From that odd moment on...the week picked up even with only a couple of days left. Mom and I celebrated fibroid tumors at a small diner in town (Jerry's) where my grandfather had spent many of his mornings. It brought back many memories to the point where both mom and I teared up remembering the counter where pa-pa had enjoyed coffee with other retired truckers. Over a stack of carb loaded pancakes and warmed colored water they called coffee, we celebrated these small lumps and took turns naming them while exchanging stories about pa-pa.

This weeks begins the final chapter of an official summer. This summer was not what I planned or expected. I planned on bike rides, training, and enjoying a rhythm of life that was constant. Instead, there is no rhythm, life right now is more like a mosh pit. I am trying not to get hit in the face as I push through the crowd. Even in the down moments, there have been fun nights with friends, cocktails with girlfriends and the memories of past summers. The walking path right outside our front door is now complete and every evening, JC and I walk the dog through the new trees marveling at the deer and how they have grown over the past few months.

Deer family we see every night while walking the dog...
I have always heard it is about the little things in life but after this summer, I can truly believe it. Each piece of summer has a bit of enjoyment to it. The small bowls of ice cream with fresh fruit, cooking with home grown herbs, hugging a long time friend, watching deer grow their first set of antlers. I look forward to these things each night. At the beginning of summer, I was concerned about moving, getting the house together and now, I know it will happen if it is meant to happen. I still have bike rides to look forward to although they may not be on a schedule. Hours are hours...and I plan to use them all just not in a specific order.

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