Monday, April 30, 2012

Elbow Grease

As of yesterday, I have enjoyed my job for 90-days. When I say “enjoy,” I actually mean that I enjoy my job. I do not mind getting up early. I do not mind driving downtown. I can say, “I love my job.” Every job has it peaks and valleys. Overall, I see more peaks. My mind is engaged and I meet people everyday. Most people have been very welcoming while others have been more distant and cautious. I’m patient. I’ll wait. I am happy to be here. I did not get here by accident.

If there were a timeline of my work history, it would stretch back some 19-years. I have been employed since I was 16 years old. I did my time working retail and restaurant jobs. I quickly discovered that neither of those options were career paths. Retail and restaurant jobs are “hold overs” or platforms until the next great career option comes along. Although, the retail outlet I worked for pushed for me to be in higher management positions, I refused and realized I needed to seek other options. In high school and college, I worked full-time and attended classes full-time. I balanced more in one week than some can manage in a month. My parents taught me young if I wanted something, you have to work for it. I have worked my rear off.

Hard work does pay off. Certainly, I know people who have worked harder for things, but I have used some serious elbow grease to explore all of my opportunities. It feels good to see my work pay off. I own my home. My car is paid off. I carry some student loan debts but it’s manageable. I am planning a wedding on a shoe string budget this year. I am not taking any vacations or doing any extensive traveling. The odd thing is, I am happy. This year is focused on a rebuilding of sorts.

I’ve had to rebuild what I lost when my career path swerved into another lane. I started with rebuilding my confidence. I have worked to identify my true friends, the ones who really want the truth when they ask, “how’s it going?” I’ve worked hard to take inventory and not be around negative, drama inducing, or victimized individuals. It is so easy to get sucked in with these types. I have work to do and it does not involve cleaning up life messes. I have always heard “it can be worse.” The thing is, this is true. No matter what bad day I’ve had, someone else has endured a worse day. The things I complain about are small.

Victor likes to think in the bathroom.

I have other things to look forward to this year including a small and simple wedding. I come home to my fiancé and enjoy it. We laugh at the same jokes. We say the same things. We may never have a large house, a garage, or even a single stainless steel appliance. However, we get to spend time with each other, raise our golden retriever and laugh at our sizable cat. We ride our bikes. We eat home cooked meals. My car may be old but it has an awesome sound system and Monday through Friday when I drive home from work, I can sing as loud as I want and no one cares.

I come home to these boys everyday. I love it.

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