Sunday, July 26, 2009

Decorating Your Heart...

People told me when I first starting cycling that it would become addictive. Like MOST habits (good or bad), it is also expensive. But sure enough....I am addicted and now my house is littered with everything cycling from clothing, to magazines, to decorative is cycling. 

Important note to scratch home is small. It is 1000 square feet so if someone were here and wanted to free themselves from looking at my chamois, ignoring drying water bottles, or not step over hydration bladders, they would need to physically GO OUTSIDE.
I rearrange hoping that the "stuff" will blend or attain a higher level of feng shui but a bike in the dining room is kinda noticeable.  Bike shorts by the finger towels in the loo isunavoidable. So in the 20th or 30th attempt to rearrange, yet again, I realized how much I had really come into my own. 

I realized that cycling is in my personal life. NO! I cannot date my bike nor do I want to....too thin! But whomever I share my life with is going to have to love the outdoors and by love the outdoors, I mean they are going to have to cry when they see an amazing sunrise, not whine about having a shower and accept that on the bike, I am ALWAYS pressing, pushing, and trying to be better. 

So while some people are nervous about dates meeting their children, I realized that I have an immense amount of anxiety that I may potentially meet someone who does not share my passion, my love, and this could lead to many lonely bike rides and me tripping over my stuff alone. I wish I had learned some of these lessons in life before I was thirty-two...

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