Friday, July 17, 2009

One...not such a lonely number...

The idea of two pedals may work for most athletes. This would make them ordinary though. The next cycling craze is no doubt ONE-LEGGED cycling. The training is challenging, painful and perhaps "crazy." Some may call it EXTREME. To fit your bike, simply loosen your clipless pedal and while riding anticipate when it will fall out (probably on a climb) while still clipped into your shoe. Once removed from the casing, then begin pedaling up and down with the remaining clipped in leg. The unclipped leg will become bored, so you may want to tap it on the ground or rest it on your top tube. may tire after 2 or 3 miles but you finished 2 or 3 miles with ONE LEG which is equivalent to finishing 5 or 6 miles normally. You have cut out the middle man, removed the waste and simplified the process. It is a mathematicians DREAM to do this. (We discussed alternating legs to prevent "Hulk" like thighs from forming)...

Other additions to make the training more challenging (or fun): (1) take a friend who can snort on command...this will distract you from your growing thigh pain and keep you going when you are tempted to stop (2) affix yourself in the middle of no where and take a break, maybe even a walk, eat something gummi (3) come up with escape strategies in case of kidnappers or those weirdo's who have seen Deliverance one too many times (insert banjo music here) approach. Finally, mark your first ride as an epic tale to be shared with all and check for ticks after because sitting on the side of the road in sweaty spandex attracts them (scientifically proven).

Personally, I think I will have to stick with TWO pedals. I am happy being ordinary.

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