Thursday, July 16, 2009

Settling In...

My last few moves have been effortless. The last apartment I vacated, I hired a moving company to put all of my stuff in a truck and move me across the city (yes, some 10 miles). It might be the ultimate definition in laziness HOWEVER, I loved it. I wrote a check, went to work, came home to the new condo, and VIOLA all of my furniture was moved and settled. Forget bribing friends with pizza, beer, the use of the pool, or even homemade cookies. I paid movers and I was VERY happy.

Now, packing up and moving a blog should not seem such a task. There is nothing heavy to move or even back breaking. I doubt I could even break a sweat, however the blog I had for years has become a cumbersome lesson in the absence of my patience. When you pay movers, they ideally listen to you. When you pay a blog site and they do not put elements where they belong, then you create an angry user. I prefer simplicity and sometimes I DO NOT DO WELL WITH CHANGE. I waited, patiently, or what I thought was patiently....and NOW I have decided to move. Here I am!

I want to say this site seems comfortable....I am getting used to the new surroundings. I feel like a stranger in a new town. I have to learn the new layouts, different templates, add my own touches, and feel my way around in this new environment. It will take some fine tuning but I will get it right. I am sure if I cannot get things just the way I want them, I can hire a blog decorator, they HAVE to be out there.

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